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0004 Folded, Modular & R Series Cores - Caterpillar Core replacements


Northern units feature .009” lock seam tubes vs. OE’s .007” tube

• Tubes are double tinned for unsurpassed adhesion...inside and out!

• Tubes are double-stuffed on the entire perimeter

(“R” Series) and corners (Modular)

meaning tube inside a tube for

rigid strength.

• “R” and Modular® Tanks are soldered with a

high strength regular solder for repairability...the

OE beta-weld are not.

• Each unit is checked in a dimensional

control jig, ensuring guaranteed fit.

• Steel reinforcement plate at the header

• When center fin mounting

points are used, they are double tinned

• Northern folded unit features silver soldered

tube to header and tank joints as the OE

design is famous for cracking

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